Top 1: Deafs.comvisit site was created as a dating site for deaf singles to find other hearing-impaired people with the hopes of creating a lasting relationship and even love. Living life without the benefit of healthy hearing is certainly a challenge, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal and rewarding life. The creators of this site clearly recognized this fact and wanted to make it that much easier to connect with people just like you. This site has been around for over 15 years so you can be sure that they offer a quality service to match any dating service you’ll find online. With hundreds of thousands of members there is a great chance of finding the perfect match for you.

·Basic Membership Is Free
·1 Month Gold Membership for $29.95
·3 Month Gold Membership for $59.95
·6 Months Gold Membership for $95.95

Special Features
This site offers some fantastic features for its members that help it to stand out from other deaf dating sites in the same niche. There is a great feature with deaf date ideas, you can send deaf greeting cards to other members, create your own videos, participate in forums, read the daily deaf news, and sign up to attend actual live events. There’s pretty much something here for everyone no matter what your interests.

Membership Details and Basic Features
As a basic free member you are able to search the full membership database in order to get a good idea of the potential matches that can be found on the site, you can send greeting cards to other members, you can send winks to acknowledge your interest in other members, and you can reply to emails that have been sent to you by paid members. If you’d like to have the ability to send emails yourself you will have to upgrade to a gold membership.

The other great thing about a free membership is that you can upload multiple photos so that other members can get a great idea of what you look like and the type of personality you bring to the table. Essentially, you’re free membership is a chance to take the site for a test drive before deciding if it’s really for you.

Basic Membership
The other great thing we briefly mentioned above about the free membership is that you can send winks. These are quick, simple, but effective little pre-composed expressions of interest in another member – it’s a great way to get your feet wet without getting too committed.

Sending Greeting Cards
Sending a greeting card to another member is kind of like taking the wink to another level. This might be something you want to use when you’ve already initiated contact with another member and you want to continue to express your interest and explore your potential relationship. Greeting cards have always traditionally been viewed as a great way to show your affections for someone.

Verifying Information
Knowing that you can be confident that someone is who they say they are is very important on an online dating site and even more so for members of the deaf community. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals out there who will attempt to take advantage of people suffering from any kind of disability and for that reason it’s very comforting to know that has a great process for protecting you from these types of individuals. Not only is there a clearly defined abuse policy, and they make it easy to contact them either by email or directly by phone. They also encourage ID verification through uploading of your driver’s license, state or provincial ID, or your passport.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence is a site that wants its members to find the right match for them. In order to do this they’ve included a lot of great features such as the ability to create and share videos, as well as excellent membership forums where you can share your ideas and get to know other members. The forums in particular are a great feature for shy members that want to wait until they’re more comfortable in this online environment before jumping into the dating waters.

Gold Membership Benefits
With a gold membership you do get quite a few extras that aren’t available to free members. As we briefly mentioned above Gold members can actually initiate conversations with other members. Gold members also get priority listing in searches and their profiles appear highlighted in searches as well.

Addressing Privacy Concerns
Besides the ID verification process we’ve already mentioned, also makes it easy for you to protect your privacy. There’s actually a feature that allows you to send private photo albums to individual members that you have an interest in without broadcasting them to everybody on the site. There is also a comprehensive privacy policy which spells out how they treat members that violate the privacy of other members.

The Verdict is one of the best dating sites you’ll find in the deaf dating services. With all the challenges that come with being hard of hearing it’s comforting to know that there is a site like this that has your back. With hundreds of thousands of members to choose from, there’s also a great chance that you’ll find a match you can spend a lifetime with.

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