Top 1: DeafSinglesMeet.comvisit site is a dating website with a unique focus unlike other dating websites. This site believes your online safety is of paramount importance and in keeping with this theory they have made safety front and center in their approach to offering online dating services. This is quite comforting as a deaf single which poses its own unique challenges and it’s also nice to know the site’s been servicing the deaf single dating market since 2008 – that kind of experience has given them a lot of time to figure things out and get them right.

·Basic Membership Is Free
·1 Month Platinum Membership for $14.51
·3 Months Platinum Membership for $29.03
·6 Months Platinum Membership for $43.55
·12 Months Platinum Membership for $72.59

Special Features
This dating site is not full of a lot of bells and whistles like you’ll find a lot of other sites, such as winks and smiles, but it does provide an excellent service with the most important features such as email communication an instant chat messaging. They also have something called a news feed which is where you can go to get updated information on your profile as well as activity regarding access to your profile by other members.

Membership Details and Basic Features
This site allows free basic members to do a lot of the things that full platinum membership allows you. You can send and receive emails you can participate and respond to chat messages – you’re just simply limited in how much activity you can have in these areas. You can also perform full searches of members to find out who’s in your area and you can upload photos to give your profile a little more credibility.

It’s important to keep in mind though that while you can do a lot with a basic membership you are still very limited. If you want to have free and open communications with anyone you like on the site it really is best to update to the platinum membership. There’s lots of flexibility in how you sign up for the platinum membership – you can sign on for: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or, 12 months at a time.

Basic Membership
Before you jump into this site with both feet it really is best to take a tour with the basic free membership. As we’ve mentioned above you can try it all the features of the safe for free, you just limited in how much activity you can participate in. Deaf singles have their unique challenges, but they also want to make sure you get value for their money just like anybody else. The free membership provided by this site is one of the best on offer on any dating site.

Sending Interest
Rather than relying on gimmicks such as sending winks, smiles, sparks, or virtual gifts this site prefers to leave it up to you to express your interest by participating in an email or instant chat conversations. This may seem a little intimidating at first, but it will also likely weed out those that are not very serious about their participation on site.

Verifying Information
As we’ve alluded to above takes your online safety very seriously and an important part of online safety is knowing that who you’re talking to is exactly what they say they are. In that regard this site has one of the most comprehensive and stringent sign-up processes you’ll find on any dating site anywhere. They also have a comprehensive set of safety guidelines, which makes suggestions on how you should approach a new relationship in order to be sure a person is who they say they are.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence
As we’ve already discussed above this site doesn’t rely and a lot of bells and whistles like you’ll find in other sites. However, if you are looking for a little inspiration, advice, or confidence you may want to start with her excellent FAQ page. This page has links to a lot of articles that will guide you through the online dating process.

Platinum Membership Benefits
With a platinum membership there are quite a few perks that aren’t available to free members. The first of all, other members can view all of the messages you send which isn’t true of free members and you can send and receive messages without limitations. You can also initiate chat sessions, where’s with a free membership you can only respond to chat sessions initiated by other members. You can also perform more detailed searches than you can with a free membership.

Addressing Privacy Concerns
This site is a comprehensive privacy policy which spells out how the address the privacy of their members and it really does answer any questions you might have. You can also refer to their FAQ page for some further information, which is always very helpful.

The Verdict is an excellent dating site for deaf single people, which really takes their unique safety concerns into consideration. This site doesn’t rely on the bells and whistles that you’ll find on many other dating sites, but it has all of the main features you need to start a great and rewarding online relationship.

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