5 Tips for Deaf People Dating Deaf People

While you may think that a deaf person dating another deaf person makes sense, it comes with its own unique challenges just like any other relationship does. Relationships are hard no matter what abilities or disabilities you may have – they are something you have to work at. As a deaf person it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on starting a relationship with a non-hearing-impaired person, a hearing-impaired person, or another deaf person, the relationship will take time to grow and flourish. It’s up to you to put the time and effort needed into the relationship for it to be successful. Here are five tips to consider if you’re a deaf person starting a relationship with another deaf person using an online dating service.

#1. Beware Of Scammers
No matter how far we think we’ve come in how people treat those that are different than ourselves, there will always be individuals out to gain an advantage by taking advantage of people’s impairments. Even when you join a website specifically for deaf people, there are bound to be individuals on that site who are not hearing-impaired at all and for reasons only known to themselves are pretending to be so. Often, these people are looking to take advantage of someone they feel is in a vulnerable position. Make sure you take the time to really get to know someone you meet online before considering a real-life relationship with them and if they ever ask you for money end the relationship immediately and let the administrators of the dating site know about it.

#2. Overcome Your Insecurities
When you’ve lived your life with a hearing impairment there are bound to have been times when you’ve questioned how successful you can be in life. Don’t allow your hearing impairment to affect how you live your life. Be confident in your own abilities and approach life like any other confident person would. If you come across people that can’t overcome the fact that your deaf or hearing-impaired move on. They are suffering from their own personal inabilities, it’s their shortfall not yours.

#3. Try Not to Be Offended by Uneducated People
Deaf people are just as likely to misunderstand something you’re saying as a non-hearing-impaired person – especially if they’re hearing issues or deafness is a recent development. People who are not born deaf, but instead become deaf due to some type of trauma or hereditary ailment, may not have the experience in the deaf world that you do. Try to be patient with this type of person and you may be able to develop a long-lasting and rewarding relationship.

#4. Don’t Become Frustrated at a Person’s Lack of Knowledge of Sign Language
As surprising as it may seem not all hearing-impaired or deaf people are fully fluent in sign language – some people with a hearing impairment are just really good at reading lips and have learned to communicate that way. They may know some sign language or none at all. If sign language is your main form of communication and you meet someone that doesn’t know a lot of sign language it’s up to you to decide if the relationship is worth pursuing. In most cases if you find someone you really like that doesn’t know sign language very well you can overcome this handicap. In fact, it can actually add a new element to your relationship and bring you closer together.

#5. Don’t Settle for Someone That’s Not Worth It
If there aren’t a lot of deaf people in your community it may be tempting to settle for the first deaf person that comes along – this is a mistake. Don’t settle for anyone, make sure the person you end up with is someone that you have something in common with. There are many great relationships that involve one person that’s deaf and another that isn’t. While it may seem like the easiest thing to do is to stay with someone that shares your involvement in the deaf community don’t be afraid to expand your horizons.

Dating between deaf people can be just as challenging as dating between people that are non-hearing-impaired is. There are bound to be gaps in communication from time to time, but in most cases these can be overcome through some helpful dialogue. The key is to make sure that the person is really right for you and the rest will generally fall to place.