Top 1: DeafPassions.comvisit site is a unique dating site designed to help deaf, or hearing-impaired people find a perfect match for a casual or long-term relationship. This is a top quality site with all the best features that you’d expect from such a dating site and it’s 100% free to join. This site has been bringing hearing-impaired members of society together since 2004. The site features thousands of active members so you’re bound to find somebody that fits well with your personality.

·Membership Is Completely Free

Special Features
This site is full of unique features you won’t find on any other dating site. There are many different ways to show your feelings about someone of the site including smooches, hugs, tickles, and even bites for the adventurous type – it’s quite a bit different from your regular dating site fair.

Membership Details and Basic Features
As we’ve already mentioned above membership on the site is completely free, although for a small fee you can actually remove the ads from the site, but this is entirely up to you and if you choose not to do this your use of the site is not restricted in any way. Your membership allows you to fully communicate with other members through email as well as connecting through the various special features they offer.

With your membership you can upload photos to enhance your profile and increase your chances of success at finding a mate and you can also answer a series of questions that help the site to connect you with better matches. There are also a lot of other great features included in your membership such as links to great books on the topic of death dating, as well as some informational videos that can help you on your quest to find the perfect match.

Basic Membership
Probably the biggest issue with the basic membership as we’ve mentioned above, is the fact that you have to put up with ads – these aren’t overly annoying pop up ads as you find on some sites, but they are quite prolific. Having to put up with ads though, is a small price to pay for a free service with full functionality. Unlike basic memberships on other sites this site does not restrict your use whatsoever with a basic membership.

Sending Interest
As we’ve briefly mentioned above there are a number of different ways to show your interest in a member on this site. Many of them are quite unique such as hugs and tickles, while others are fairly familiar offerings that you’ll find in other dating sites. For example, you can send someone you’re interested in a virtual gift which is simply a way of reflecting your interest.

Verifying Information does not have a process that includes uploading identification to prove who you are, but they do have a couple of safeguards in place. First of all, there is a requirement to rate 24 hours after signing up before you can begin participating in email conversations with other members, which is a good way to weed out someone who’s visiting the site just out of curiosity and no real interest. They also require you to upload a photo before you can begin using the instant chat services.

Getting Inspiration and Confidence
This site has a whole host of tools and services that you can use to gain inspiration and to boost her confidence. They include videos with some great helpful hints, as well as books that provide some dos and don’ts to be considered in the deaf dating world. There are also forums and blogs that you participate in, which allow you to get to know other members prior to committing to any sort of long-term relationship. Even if you’re not currently actively looking for a date you may find these forums and blogs a fun place to congregate.

Addressing Privacy Concerns
This site has the standard privacy policy you’ll find on most dating sites around the web. This policy spells out how they use your information and where they might share your information with others – there are always opt out options for you it’s just a matter of reading the policy and following their advice.

The Verdict is a great free deaf dating site especially when you consider it’s completely free. It has all the features you’d expect to find a great dating website as well as many other unique services you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re a hearing-impaired person and you’ve found it hard finding a date this is a great place to start.

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